Kurzbach Joins Vasatec Network

The Vasatec Contract Shading network continues to grow Kurzbach-Sonnenschutz.

The team is based in Grimma, Germany and is a contract dealer for all types of high-performance sun protection systems.


More about Kurzbach sun-protection:

What we do best

Kurzbach is a specialist for all types of sun protection and has developed into a high-performance full-range supplier and installation expert of interior and exterior sun protection products.

Working with kurzbach

Kurzbach-Sonnenschutz supports its customers and business partners with holistic and individual solutions for everything to do with sun protection. As a member of Vasatec we benefit from intelligent motor and control integration, allowing for basic to high level automation control.

Our dedicated team are certified Vasatec installation members at electrical and commissioning stages.

We are your experts in
sun protection systems

With our competence based on decades of experience in planning, sales, installation and maintenance of sun protection systems, we are at your side with holistic and individual solutions.

Inclusive service from start to finish

The Kurzbach-Sonnenschutz company is a dedicated partner for
your shading requirements, providing a full inclusive
service for private, commercial and residential applications.

We are active in the supply, installation, commissioning on going
service, maintenance and support, both regionally and nationally.

Our showroom in Grimma in Germany offers over 100 m² of
exhibition space, to support the professional and
comprehensive advice to customers.

+49 2161-29408-114

Vasatec in Denmark: MRAS

Ved MRAS er vi specialister i solafskærmning til alle former for byggeri, indvendigt og udvendigt.

Vi er også leverandører af intelligent styring der sikrer indeklimaet og fremtidssikrer driften.

For at opnå den bedst mulige løsning i samspil mellem arkitektur og funktionalitet, er målet at vi så tidligt som muligt i projekteringsfasen, samarbejder med arkitekter og designteams.

Herved kan der opnås store besparelser på installation og efterfølgende drift.

“the goal is for us, as early as possible in the design phase, to collaborate with architects and design teams.”

At MRAS, we are specialists in sun protection for all types of construction, internal and external.

We are also suppliers of intelligent control solutions that manages the indoor climate and ensures reliable operation on installation and the years that follow.

In order to achieve the best possible solution in the interplay between architecture and functionality, the goal is for us, as early as possible in the design phase, to collaborate with architects and design teams.

This can lead to improved functionality with operational advantages supported by large savings on installation and subsequent operation.

Mogens Rasmussen

Middelfart A/S

Industrivej 3B

5500  Middelfart


+45 6341 2491

Vasatec in United Kingdom: Interlace Blinds

InterLace are excited to launch our collaboration in 2020 with the Vasatec network

For almost 45 years, InterLace have been synonymous with high quality and technical solar shading and window furnishing projects across the UK. We are continuously progressing and evolving our knowledge of technology and the positive impact this has on solar shading installations becoming ever more intelligent.

The Vasatec progression introduces a step change into the industry and the connection of solar shading to global technology norms offering an unmatched ability to send and receive data and control solar shading devices over the internet. This will be the future of solar shading controls strategies and will evolve as technology evolves.

We want to hear from you about what your vision is for your project and the result you are looking to achieve, and we can bring the solution.


Matthew Watney


01223 89 77 66

InterLace Blinds Ltd.

Unit 6, The Grip Industrial Estate



CB21 4XN

Vasatec in France: Guermonprez

25 Rue Saint Sébastien
75011 PARIS

Spécialiste du store et de la fermeture depuis 1960, l’entreprise familiale Guermonprez propose son expertise aux services des particuliers, professionnels et institutionnels.

Specialist in blinds and shading since 1960, the family business Guermonprez offers its expertise and services to individuals, professionals and institutions.

Vasatec: Why specify automated shading?

Blog written by Ben Vowles, Shading Specification Manager from Waverley.

About Waverley

Waverley are experts in the science of solar shading and apply this knowledge to help architects, contractors and facilities managers create exceptional working environments.

Family owned and managed, Waverley has a culture of continuous improvement and has built up a reputation of being straightforward, professional and easy to deal with.

Their in-house manufacturing facility, experienced project managers and passionate customer service team gives you the reassurance that your project will comply with all relevant legislation, and be completed on-time, on budget and snag free to ensure your reputation.

Waverley Contract & Supply Ltd
Rowan House
Guildford Road Trading Estate
United Kingdom

The Vasatec Approach

ONE Global Partner for Shading Automation: London

Having sat in hundreds, if not thousands of project meetings discussing Automated Shading Solutions, it is clear to me what is important, and a single statement covers all: “Will this solution work and how much is it going to cost the project?”

“Will this solution work and how much is it going to cost the project?”

The Vasatec network answers this and more, with a focus not only on the shading package but the ASSOCIATED costs that the traditional approach of design and tendering would not guarantee good value.  With a true understanding of the demands of the local market and project delivery on all aspects of the installation allows the Vasatec network to consult on these wider aspects and offer huge potential savings whilst maintaining, or more likely, increasing the functional specification.

It is always best to agree a design early, to optimise all elements of the associated packages from cable routes, integration with third party systems and even as simple as where holes and penetrations need to be located. 

That said, even with late intervention on the design, the advantages can still be considerable. It is never too late to introduce Vasatec!

In answer to the above statement:

The solution will work; what is important is how it works and what impact does it have on the overall building. #Vasatec are specialists in understanding this impact and can offer surprising insights on how we can improve the experience of delivering a shading solution.

“The solution will work”

ONE Global Partner for Shading Solution 

Daren Whistler



Vasatec: Understanding the design imperatives of automated shades

Using the solution that best fits the project. 

We are working with Architects, Planners, Consultants and General Contractors in creating the best solution suited for the building design, the users demand and within the budget given.

It’s not that one solution fits all, it’s about understanding what is the “right” solution. We design solutions using the toolbox of:

  • Digitaldrives
  • Radio Motors
  • Wired Motors

As experienced partners of 1000+ projects we are building the best solution and scale it to the needs of the project. Together we are not selling products, we are consulting and delivering turnkey solutions what is actually needed.

You want to learn more? Ask for your personal Zoom Call.

The Vasatec network, what’s it all about?

The international solution network delivering automated shades. 

Firstly, it is much more than hardware – it’s an approach, a method and way of delivering automated shading solutions to meet the needs of the modern construction industry.

The Vasatec network consists of leading companies around the world who manufacture, deliver and maintain shading projects – all of these companies share a common ethos, an entrepreneurial approach and passion to deliver a great solution.

This is supported by unified software and hardware solutions that not only meet the needs of today’s buildings but are looking ahead to tomorrow. Following the principles of IoT and open standards we minimise the hardware, improve motor capability and most importantly keep solution costs to a minimum.

The Vasatec network has been established to:

  1. Support automated shading solutions from inception to end-of-life across an international market
  2. Ensure quality of delivery and maintenance regardless of country or continent
  3. Provide Developers, Architects, Builders and Consultants a go-to network of professionals for all shading projects
  4. Improve the experience of delivering and living with shading solutions
  5. Support facility managers in operating shading products better

ONE Global Partner for Shading Solutions 

Daren Whistler


Vestamatic+ CRE